DataCorp Service

    DataCorp Computer Systems offers a large range of computer oriented services for virtually all computers including hardware and software repairs, data recovery, networking and web design.   Most repairs are caried out within 24 hours, sometimes the same day.   If we can't fix it then there is no charge unless specified beforehand.

Virus Removal

Has your computer slowed down?   Adware slows your computer by getting it to do too many things.   Spyware can reveal your information to Pirates.   Viruses can change settings on your computer or infect files.   Whatever your affliction DataCorp can get your computer running again better than you have ever seen.


Software Repairs

If your computer can't get into Windows or is showing inconsistant problems then we can fix it.   Our in depth knowledge of all Windows systems means that we will likely save your installation without needing to wipe and reinstall.


Hardware Repairs

If your computer won't turn on or is showing inconsistant problems then we can fix it.   DataCorp carries spart part for most desktop and laptop computers.   We also support all PCs and Apples manufactured this century.


If your network is not performing right then DataCorp's experienced staff will get you going again.   Hubs, switches, routers and modems are our specialty.   We also do all cabling and set up of networks

Data Recovery

Do you have a disk you need data recovered from?   At DataCorp we specialize in Data Recovery with our in depth knowledge of disk structures.   If we can't recover your data then there is no charge beyond a basic $30 serive charge.

Web Design

DataCorp's web design division can create websites starting at a single page "business card" through to the most complex e-commerce sites.   Check out our web design page.